Data export

The menu option "Data Export" allows you to download all data and statistics regarding your event. 

Here you can download a list of all registrations or tickets, along with a list of all orders for your event in the section Tickets and orders
The list of tickets sold shows exactly how many registrations or tickets have been sold, to which categories the tickets and registrations
belong, as well as data you requested on your order/registration form.  The list of orders includes data such as invoice numbers, ticket
prices, ticket fees, shipping costs, and anything else you requested to be included in your registration/order form.

In the entry management section you can download all information necessary to simplify the entry process for your event. 
If you would like to post a list with general guest information at the entrance to your event, please choose download attendee data for amiando EasyEntry
Select consolidated list of attendees if you would like to download a guest list for use at the entrance point.

All reports can be downloaded as .xcl (Excel) or .csv files.

If you check the box “Create link to report”, a link will appear which can then be sent to anyone interested in viewing your report.  Please note the recipient
can download the report even if he or she is not registered with amiando.

These reports can also be downloaded as .xcl (Excel) or .csv files.

You also have the option to create your own report.

Create your report - Here you can prepare an individual report regarding tickets, orders, or the sale of any additional products.

The next step requires you to choose between two options.  You can either create a report for the event which is currently being planned or you can
create a report for one or more other events. 

The next step requires you to select a report title and choose a language. You will then be asked to select the type of report.  The choices are as follows:
•    Ticket report: Information on sold and unsold tickets.
•    Payment report: Data regarding invoice numbers, ticket prices, ticket fees, shipping, etc.
•    Product report: Information on all products sold along with any payments for additional products.

In section 2 select the information you would like displayed in your report by checking the applicable box.

Check the box ‚Filter report‘ if you would like to filter your report according to payment status.  The choices are paid, not paid yet, or cancelled. Additionally,
you can select a specific time period: today, last 7 days, or select your own time period.

Finally, don`t forget to click ‚Save‘.

This will take you back to the overview where you can find the report you just created. All reports can be downloaded as .xcl (Excel) or .csv files.